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July 03, 2019

Temple Trap 3D: The mobile game

A temple maze for puzzle adventurers!

What's this mobile puzzle game about?

Take on the role of our thrill-seeker named Barry or our daredevil heroine named Doreen. The goal of the game is to progress through the cursed temples & labyrinths.

You will need to avoid booby traps and slide the walls & stairs to create new paths, so your adventurer can reach the exit and explore the depths of this daunting temple complex.

In true SmartGames style, we test your logical thinking skills with 96 problem solving challenges, from easy-going to mind-bogglingly complex. Focus, planning & flexible thinking are key!

Curious? Watch our video!

Download Temple Trap 3D on the app stores now!

This mobile game is based on the award-winning physical puzzle game Temple Trap from SmartGames.

Download now the app in the App Store or via Google Play and discover a new world of SmartGames Play. 


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